Logistical details on gift circles

Here are some logistical insights we have gotten from running these gift circles over the last 5 weeks. I am sharing these insights for those of you who want to run your own circles.

– It is useful outside the circle to remind and encourage people use their services. Sometimes there may be a little hesistancy in using the services we got out of the circle.

– It is good for the circle not to be a closed circle. New people coming in each week provide new types of services, and new ways for people’s needs to get met.

–  In going around with the check-in and with sharing needs an eye to the size of the group and how that affects the amount of time is important. If you have a group of 5 with everyone sharing their needs for 2 min each that would be 10 min. With a group of 20 people that would take 40 min. When you have larger groups it can be helpful to break people up into smaller groups. So then the whole process does not take so long and people get a better talking to listening time ratio.


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