Collective consciousness and economics

Have you ever been in a room and felt that the atmosphere was chilly? Have you ever been in a room and felt that the atmosphere was sacred?

There is a collective consciousness field that pervades a group of people. As people open their hearts to each other, as they open to their deeper selves and spirit a sacredness enters into the consciousness field. People’s actions become coordinated with each other, and ‘miraculous’ coincidences can begin to happen.

One scientific study has shown that as people feel more love with each other their heart and brain rhythms begin to be synchronized with each other. This synchronization can lead to different people helping each other without even knowing it at times.

If the state of a consciousness field has an effect on people’s actions becoming coordinated then that means the state of consciousness also has an effect on economics. This is because economics is about the coordination of different people’s actions to meet the needs of society.

Collective consciousness and gift circles

In the local gift circles we have been talking about when the circles enter into a more sacred state people will usually become more giving and generous. They will also know when it is appropriate to help someone out.

In the round of the circle where people express their needs, the sacredness and high vibrational field will move people to speak about certain needs and not others, and will move them to speak about them in certain ways. The needs that they speak about will probably be the ones that are more likely to be able to be helped by someone else at the circle. People at the circle may also be guided by spirit to refer people to other people outside the circle that will be able to help.

A gift circle that an energy vortex, and it will attract different people each week. If the energy vortex is of a high vibrational nature it will attract the people who that week can help each other with the needs that will be presented that week.

The sacredness and high vibrational nature of a circle can thus help to synchronize people’s actions and lead to more needs being met. The consciousness level of a field thus has an effect on the economics of a circle. The GDP of a circle can be thought of as the value of the services exchanged (the value being that of the service price in a moneyed economy). The GDP will probably go up as the consciousness level goes up.


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