Transition towns and gifting circles

Transition towns was an idea created in 2006 in Totnes, England and has since spread like wildfire to hundreds of towns and cities across the world. Its a plan to help the world become more sustainable by focusing on the local level and helping towns become more resilient, environmentally aware, and community oriented. This movement embodies the 5 qualities I’ve defined to make up an open collaboration – participatory, emergent, non-hierarchical, open, and non-owned.

There are 12 suggested steps to make your town a transition town..

1)     Form a steering group and plan its demise!

2)     Raise awareness of Peak Oil, Climate Change and alternatives

3)     Lay Foundations: work with businesses and local landowners

4)     Official Unleashing

5)     Form working groups: such as Arts, Food, Energy, Economics etc

6)     Use Open Space Technology

7)     Develop a visible manifestation

8)     Great Re-skilling: disseminating and expanding the towns skills

9)     Bridge to Local Government

10)  Honour the Elders: tap into pre-fossil fuel dependence experiences.

11)  Let it go where it wants to go

12)  Develop an energy descent plan

I’d like to suggest a 13th step

13) Form a network of gifting circles : These circles allow the efficient flow of resources and services through a community, creating a vibrant local economy


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