Facilitation is the process by which it is made easier for a group to come into resonance with each other. Facilitation can guide a group into deeper states of consciousness.

Facilitation has an effect on how well an economic system works. This is  because facilitation affects collective resonance which affects how well the groups acts harmonize with each others which affects how well resources are redistributed to help needs get met.

In our gift circles facilitators can sense into the field to get a feeling of where people are at. They have a sense of  when it is a good time to bring the group into a more meditative state,  when to prompt discussions and sharings along,  when to allow someone to speak longer than usual if there is something particularly heartfelt happening, when to guide the group into a more upbeat or somatic exercise to get the energy moving, when to speak about certain technical points if people are unclear, and when to simply hold space.


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