Open Collaboration book release party Dec 17th

We are  having a book release party for our book “Open Collaboration”.

The Open Collaboration book is an encyclopedic look at a new type of way to organize your projects, and a new type of social system. It looks at projects which are run in a non-hierarchical, emergent, open, participatory, gift culture manner. Examples of such projects are Burning Man, Rainbow gatherings, the Transition Town movement, gift circles/potlatches, sustainable garden networks (where a community grows its own food to feed itself), Wikipedia, open source software, and the United Religions Initiative. The book was compiled and written by Alpha Lo and Alden Bevington.  You can check out and read the book here

The book release party will on Thurs Dec 17th 6-9:30pm at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, Bay area, CA

The event itself will be openly collaborative – participatory and emergent. We will set up an Open space technology facilitation format that will allow everyone to share their ideas on collaboration. We will have provide a forum to look at how your own project can become more openly collaborative. Anodea Judith, author  of “Waking the global heart” will speak about the shifts humanity is going through and how it relates to collaboration. Kaliya Hamlin will talk about participatory unconferences. And we will have a number of speakers coming who are doing really cool collaboration projects including Aumatma from Karma Clinic, a gift economy holistic health care clinic, Mali Burgess talking on participatory economics, Joseph Jacques from CAST and Angelina Frost from Whats your tree?, a project that empowers individuals and their communities, Surya Kramer from Culture of Care, and Mia Andler from TrackersBay. We will hear from Janelle Orsi author of “The sharing solution”. And we will hear from LivingMandala, the Practical altruism group and the Common Well low cost holistic healthcare project.


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