Principles of open collaboration

Over the last few years I have been studying many examples of open collaboration and how they work. These examples eventually ended up being compiled into the book “Open Collaboration“.

As I tried to create a meta-view of all the open collaboration examples and methodologies,  I came up with some basic principles for how you can build your own open collaboration project

1 Create a structure for participation
2 Help individual passions flower
3 Rapidly prototype, get immediate yields
4 Iterate
5 Create feedback loops
6 Anticipate each other
7 Connect people with each other
8 Listen empathically to each other
9 Facilitate diversity and synthesis
10 Allow autonomy & autonomous circles of people

3/29/10 note: I’m thinking there can another principle thats related to help individual passions flower, ‘allow autonomy’, ‘create a structure for participation’ and ‘create autonomous circles/guilds of people’. And that is to ‘open up ecological niches’. So there are many types of projects that can be done around a project, little cottage industries that people can sprout up their project in.


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