Collective consciouness states and economics

Every transformation to a higher state of collective consciousness requires a change, a paradigm shift, an ontological redefinition in the meaning of the word ‘we’.

There are many levels of collective beingness for a team, a group, a family, a subculture, a demographic, a church group, an activist organization, a town, and a local community.

At each level of collective consciousness, no matter what economic system you are using – money, communism, barter, gifting etc, the laws of the economic system changes.

In a money system as a society evolves to a higher state of collective consciousness, businesses and individuals are no longer just looking out for themselves but also for other businesses and individuals. The cut throat competitive aspect of business where not only do you not care for the well-being of other companies but you actually try to put them out of business , is lessened. Money is used more as a way to help everyone coordinate and less as a way of having power over others.

In a gifting economy, people  give more generously and  from a purer place of motivation and people receive with more gratitude as the collective consciousness transitions to a higher state of weness. People also have more an intuitive sense when to help each other and of how to help each other.


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