Gift circles week 8

My friend Mia facilitated our gift circle last night. It was really nice to have her lead the group as she had a nice concise way of saying things, came from a place of heart energy, kept things going when it could have bogged down, and allowed a sense of silliness and fun in the room.

As the original facilitator of the gift circle I think about all these things to take into account that help the circle moving and worry about whether someone else will be able to take all these things into account when they facilitate. So whilst I have been proactive in finding others to facilitate there is also a part of me that says is this a good idea.

I talked with my friend a bit before hand about some of the things that can crop up to be aware of and little things to guide the group to work better, and was really happy to see in her facilitation that she had a full grasp of these things and managed to handle them really well, maybe even better than I did.

So it takes a bit of pressure off of me as others have stepped into to do the facilitation. It means that others are aware of all the little important details. There is now a more distributed intelligence throughout the whole group of how the gift circle works. There have now been 4 of us that have facilitated, and that helps make up a  core that can hold the gift circle energy. Another one of the facilitators, Johnathon has said how empowered he felt after facilitating it. It brought him more into being one of the co-creators of the circle.The circle is still evolving there is a chance especially for facilitators to place their innovative stamp on what the gift circles could be.

Mia, this weeks facilitator introduced some different ways to do things that I think worked quite well. Instead of  saying our needs and having the pieces of paper with services we offer in the middle room she had us all write on post-it notes our needs and services and then put them on a board (actually the wooden underside of a bed that was propped vertically against the wall).


The things that can be asked for and offered at these circles can be quite a range. Last week I said I had to cry about something that I’ve been repressing for awhile. Someone offered to be there for me to cry with. Somehow I didn’t really think it would happen, but during this last week I was with this person and they helped me to cry about something. It was really nice to cry.


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