Health care as open collaboration

I’ve been pondering for awhile what an open collaborative health care model would look like when I came across this article about the health care model as a commons

It suggests that all patients should be able to access as much healthcare as they need. And that there should be a global budget made available to allow this to happen.

In the open collaboration social architecture (non-hierarchy, emergent, gift economy, participatory, open) everyone would be able to have health care and it would be a gift. The healthcare would not have to come from a global budget as the above article suggests. It would come from a sense of people wanting to help each other. It would come from a grassroots bottom-up approach rather than a top-down approach goverment supplied money approach. It would happen in a manner to how at Burning Man people help each other without being paid for it.

The big challenge is to grow a community where this kind of gift economy would happen.


The other issue I hope an open collaboration model of healthcare would address is that there are a lot of problems with western medicine. Medical drugs often get people addicted and only solve the symptom not the underlying problem. They often lead to other side effects. Western medicine often attacks one problem in the body only to throw off the balance in the rest of the body.

There are alternative medicines that work a lot better in many cases – acupuncture, homeopathy, energy healing, medical qigong, ayurvedic medicine. Some of these medicines have proven their worth over thousands of years.

I have some ideas that are bubbling about how you might include this important distinction of what type of medicine you are getting in the open collaboration structure itself.


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