Gift circle :week9

{For those new to this blog our gift circle in a kind of community tribe building experiment to build a new kind of economy based on gifting – not money or trade. In our circle which is open to everyone to come to we do a round where people  share their needs,  and others offer to help them. Then we do a round where people share the services they would like to gift.}

One participant who came to our gift circle for the first time this week said what impressed her was how the people there seemed to be such peaceful souls, and how open everyone’s hearts were. And it was intriguing that unlike some exchanges she had been to, we were not just there to meet people’s physical needs, but also emotional and spiritual needs.


Something seemed to have happened at the gift circle this week that felt like it opened the dam a little. In our gift circle we do a round of sharing our needs, and then a round of sharing our gifts.  Before people had been a little hesistant about really sharing their needs. It seemed though this week that people ‘got’ it a little more, and listed out quite a few more of their needs. Its like people were beginning to realize that can share a whole assortment of needs in these circles, and also – perhaps suprisingly at first – get them met!


Another thing I think that is beginning to seep in, is that people are more readily seeking each other out during the week and helping each other with services. I think during the first few weeks there was still a newness to this whole concept of gifting services, and people were sometimes a little shy about seeking each other out during the rest of the week to get their service.


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