Gift circle week 10

Our new facilitator this week tried something slightly different. He asked us to go around and say what it is that we really want to do but may have blockages to holding us back.

As one person spoke about what they needed, we listened, and were about to go onto the next person when my friend Angelina spoke up and said – Can we really hear what was said. Can we sit in silence and really  absorb what that person has just shared intimately with us all. And we did. We sat in silence and really felt what was said. It was powerful. It was a shift in the whole room. Suddenly it felt we had dropped into a deeper level of sacredness. And then we continued this process with each person in the room. There was this presence in the room. This realness. This power.

Deep listening itself creates energy. And it helps the manifestation of what is wanted. It thus leads to needs being met. And economics is about the systems we use to  help members of society to get their needs. And thus Deep listening is  part of the economic process.


I’ve been feeling over the last week that I wanted the circle  to go to another deeper spiritual level, because the deeper we go the more economic magic begins to happen. And I felt this week Angelina helped open a portal into this deeper magical realms.


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