open source + spirit + harmonising with whole

A word can be very powerful

What I am interested in is to apply the open source idea (where you tap into the power of everyone) in a way that it is socially responsible and harmonises with whole. And I am interested if the participants in the project enter into a collective field of higher consciousness – in a way so that the consciousness field is guiding the unfolding of the collective process. I’m looking for a word that captures the sense of open source + spirit + harmony with the larger whole.

What I am searching for is a word that captures this concept. I’ve been using the term Open Collaboration so far to denote this. It doesnt quite capture the socially responsible and the spiritual part of the equation though yet.

A word can be very powerful, it can convey a lot of information very quickly. So I am in search for the right word.

Opensource has a few analogous terms/semi-synonyms : crowdsourcing, pro-am revolution, mass collaboration, open collaboration, wikinomics, peer to peer economics, collaborative democracy…

Perhaps a play on some of those words could give the right word…

Some possible brainstorms :

Openspiritsource, Wholeharmonising, Consiousnesssourcing, Wikisocialsystems, Mass conscious collaboration, Open source ascendance, Enlightened open source, Open source spiritual emergence

I am open to suggestions….


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