On the social architecture of collective spiritual enlightenment

On the path to individual spiritual enlightenment one does internal work and also uses external forms to help one along. These external forms are the structures we set in our life to help us go further internally.

On the path to collective spiritual enlightenment there is also internal work and external forms to help the collective along. The internal work is becoming more loving, more empathic, more able to tune into the collective field. The external forms are the social architectural rules that the collective obeys.

What would the social architecture be of how many awakened souls would interact with each other?

Would it be the rigid rules that monks engage with each other in monasteries or would it be more fluid rules like that at Burning Man?

Sometimes we need very defined structures to allow something to emerge. Sometimes we need very fluid structures to allow the many diverse forms of expression to come out.

In my own experience when there are very defined structures people can get into very deep states with one another. Its in a particular form though.

My sense with more fluid structures is that it can really help the many soul paths to play in a richer way. There is more variety, more happening, more unfolding. It allows the many paths of different people to intertwine in a complex way that serves an even greater good.

For instance once at a 5 day gathering our collective experienced many different forms of work together- sharing circles, guided improv theatre exercises, world cafe, lectures, shadow work, open space technology …  It was the open space technology like format, which provided the most flexibility and allowed different circles to be led by different people with different intentions which achieved the deepest field of consciousness. Thats because different paths could all be accomodated in this complex whole.

Each soul path is different and needs different experiences to take one to the next level. The rigid forms of social architecture do not allow as much richness. The fluid forms of social architecture allow much more richness.

These fluid forms are like the social architecture forms  of open space technology, burning man, wikipedia, and chaordic systems. It should be noted though that the above examples do not usually have the internal practices that take people to higher states of consciousness. For the most part people nowadays practicing open space technology, wikipedia etc are not in higher states of consciousness. There are two things important to get to collective spiritual enlightenment – the social architecture and the internal level of consciousness. The above systems as they are now practiced usually lack the second quality.


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