“Open Collaboration” selected as best of 2009

Our “Open Collaboration” encyclopedia was selected as one of the best shareable books of 2009!


heres what they have to say:
Alpha Lo and Alden Bevington, Eds. (Pioneer Imprints): Clay Shirkey’s Here Comes Everyone may be the buzzed-about Bible of  the phenomenon of open collaboration, but it’s a Great Man theory to The Open Collaboration Encylopedia and its, like, massively crowdsourced, 550+ pages of content covering everything from co-ops and chaordic theory to unconferences and worldwork. Though rich with critical alternatives to each concept, the cladistics system of keywords and symbols makes it look, oddly, like a woo-woo chemistry manual for hermeneutic scholars. There were many worthy books to consider for this list, but none that put the “shareable” ideas described within to use in producing the artifact.  The Open Collaboration Encyclopedia walked it’s talk and as a how-to manual for open collaboration can help you do the same. And as you would expect, it’s an open textbook available under a Creative Commons license that you can read for free here.


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