100 facilitation techniques

I think facilitation is one of the magic ingredients for creating massive social change because it holds the promise of bringing people together to work together, and it holds the promise of tapping into the collective wisdom hidden deep within. It helps unleash the latent energy inside the collective.

So I’d thought I’d make a list of 100 facilitation techniques in this blog. Actually I dont know 100 techniques yet, but I figure I will come back and update this blog as I come across 100 techniques. And also please feel free to email me if you know of anymore techniques.


Theory U

Open Space Technology

World Cafe

Appreciative Inquiry

Dynamic Facilitation

Heart Circle



World Work

Bohmian Dialogue

Insight Dialogue

Council of all Beings

Facilitator Improv

Well thats 13 initially off the top of my head….

Here are some more as I scour the web and jog my memory

Dragon Dreaming

Art of Hosting (a meta-facilitation methodology)

NonViolent Communication

Circle council


Technology of Participation (ToP)

Conversation Mapping

Dialogue Mapping

Empathy Circles

Nominal Group technique

Backwards Mapping

Wind Tunneling

Cause and effect charting

Empathic Dashboard 

There is a project to make a pattern language about groups. Which is basically to map out what you can do in different group dynamic situations.

Here is an encyclopedia of improv games

A visual timeline of the evolution of facilitation



{ I also have a more recently made list of social archictectures and facilitation methods_


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