tweet essay

I’ve been posting tweets up about how systems theory and Ken Wilbers Integral theory apply to the systems that affect our lives – social, economic, political, agricultural, medical, educational etc. And how these theories show how we might improve these theories.

I am exploring how their are deep similarities in all these different fields, and how one field might shed light on how to improve in another field. So even if you are not in medicine, you might find them interesting because they are written to shed light on other fields – say economics or gardening.

These tweets form an emergent essay.

Heres some  the tweets in chronological order…

economics is about how to get people to collaborate redistribute resources to meet needs    {tweeted on Nov 28}

relocalization is a step towards retribalization

what does the science of systems theory have to say about the benefits of relocalization?

a gift economy and a money economy are both examples of self-organizing systems. what kind of different systems behavior do they exhibit?

a gift economy is different than a barter economy. one is based on the idea of exchange.

NVC Nonviolent communication is about satisfying needs of all. Economics tries to satisfy needs. Can NVC be the basis of a new economics

Every personal transformation to a higher state of being involves a paradigm shift of your mental models and value systems.

Every collective shift of beingness involves a redefinition of the word we

The next stage in the evolution of humanity will involve an ontological shift in what we mean by the word ‘we’

Facilitation is one of the secrets to creating world change

Facilitation can be soft and almost invisible yet it has awesome power to bring people together and empower them

Facilitation can be like the Tao – not there, yet influencing everything

There is not as much use for lawyers, police and judges in a gift economy

A true gift economy requires people to give from the heart, but its a requirement that cannot be enforced.

I have come up with some basic principles to build your own open collaboration project

Each stage of collective consciousness a society goes through will obey diff laws of economics

Healthy relationships create a healthy commons #commons

Ownership is a concept that exists in our minds but not in reality

The spiritual path to collaboration is through the remembrance of the oneness that we already are  {tweeted Dec 29}

People need information to self-organize ; transparency in an organization allows that information to flow.

When we spiritually awaken we realise that everyone is and always has been cooperating with each other

The theory of evolution will be rewritten in the future incorporating the understanding that all organisms are cooperating with each other

omplex adaptive system + emotions, empathy, love & higher consciousness states= open collaboration

Love is real. Darwin forgot to include love in his theory

Love is real. Adam Smith forgot to integrate it into his theory.

A complex system undergoes a phase transformation in behavior as the amount of love in the system increases.

An organization will see a phase transition in its behavior and effectiveness as the amount of empathy in the system is increased.

A phase transition in physics is defined as when matter changes from one state to another, e.g. when liquid water becomes ice.

Capitalism’s supply and demand curves undergo a phase transition in behavior as the amount of love in a society increases.

@jazzmann91 There are scientists beginning to integrate love into science e.g. Heartmath

At higher stages of open collaboration people become telepathic with each other and enter into consciousness field that guides their actions

RT @ideahive What would an open source civilization look like? Iceland, A.D. 630-950, called the “Allthing” (really)

I’m looking for a word that means opensource + spirit + socially responsible . Put your suggestions here

The ideal is to transcend and include : the mind transcends and includes body awareness. Our mental culture needs to be more embodied.

The ideal is to trancend and include, ie Social media transcending and including embodied social interaction. Integrate the physical!

Healthy evolution is transcendance without dissociating. Humans have become dissociated from nature.Time to be part of nature again.

Love is not measurable. The effects of love are measurable. The effects can show up in scientific experiments.

Experimental economics is a cool new discipline. The effects of love could show up in some of the experiments.

@nancywhite @katchja Game theory looks at self-interest effects on social behavior. So far it hasnt taken into account compassions effects

@katchja I’m interested in game theory and its relation to sociology/economics. I’m also intrsted in its limtations and where it goes wrong

Giving with the expectation of reciprocity is conditional giving. Unconditional giving comes with nonattachment to outcome.

Nonattachment is not measurable. The effects of nonattachment are.The effects can show up in science, sociology, economics, politics.

Different worldviews can coexist in a larger playing field – a field built with listening, non-projection,self-reflection & nonattachment

Nonattachment is buddhist concept of not grasping,not holding on. In some budd.traditions attachment is seen as the cause of all suffering.

There is a place beyond form,rules,worldviews&words that open collaborations can tap into to synergize

To get to that magical place in open collaborations one has to let go of attachment to form, rules, worldviews, and language.

The right form allows emergence to happen. The right forms become more minimal as a group rises in vibration and consciousness.

The right forms for emergence become more minimal as group consciousness rises because the group more ably taps into the place beyond form

The realms beyond form are the subtle energetic realms,the psychic realms,the bliss, the awe, the unconditional love, the Void..

Open Space Technology is a self-organizing facilitation process that can phase transition to different energetic feels #osonos

Want to bring about world change? Explore the often subtle, yet powerful, awesome, integrative, catalyzing world of facilitation.

The revolution will be facilitated.

A mature worldview is able to dance with all other worldviews

Facilitation is the art of helping people with different worldviews play together

The way to bring together people with different worldviews is to create a larger playing field.

Different worldviews can coexist in a larger playing field – a field built with listening, non-projection,self-reflection & nonattachment

Learning facilitation skillz helps one get to the second-tier level in Spiral Dynamics.

The tragedy of private property is that resources are drastically under-utilised because often only one person can use something.

A group can learn to self-organize by tackling a small problem together, then iterating to ever larger problems. #shareable

My ideas on how to grow a gift economy #shareable #gifteconomy

Historically communism’s implementation was attempted in a topdown manner.That was the problem.A culture of sharing has be grown bottomup.    {tweeted Jan 21}

The facilitation processes a community uses makes a big difference to how well a commons is taken care of #commons #shareable

There are several types of transactions: win-lose, win-win, and WIN. WIN happens when people tap into the consciousness where they are one

I wonder how to combine Theory U with Open Space Technology so you get the self-organizing parts of OST and the deeper consciousness of TU

Nostrom’s Nobel work for community management of commons while awesome still seems to look at more hierarchical methodologies #shareable

Unmonetization is the process of taking a business and making it a self-sustaining volunteer effort that can accomplish the same thing

There are 3 types of emergence – correlated with agents that are 1)selfish 2)caring 3)spirit-based. My blog on this

Gratitude is the fuel of the gift economy

Web 0.0 is grounding the internet in the physical world.

Web 4.0 is the internet guiding the world into loving telepathic collective consciousness states

RT @chadaustin: Systems-thinking leaders do not solve problems directly, but shape the world such that the problem’s solution rolls downhill

@rotkapchen The set of bifurcations in a complex system changes depending on the facilitation technique in use

Communism would have worked a lot better if they had used facilitation techniques like Open Space Tech,Theory U,World Cafe,&Apprec.Inq.

@rotkapchen Diff. facilitate tech. bifurcate possibilities in diff ways e.g. consensus, NVC,OST,voting have diff sets of possible outcomes

@rotkapchen Theory U guides groups to tap into collective consciousness fields. That group inner-knowing guides decision-making.

Different types of emergence happen in complex systems depending on type of facilitation method used.

There r maybe organisms that play the role of facilitator in nature, affecting how organisms evolve and the emergence of diff traits.

Nonviolent comm. faclitators would cause the supply&demand curve to look diff, becoz thy would guide people to work for intrests of evryone.

@NancyWhite @katchja @band Nonviolent commncation faclitators would lead game theory to diff outcoms becoz intrsts of all wuld be considred.

Certain types of eukaryotes may have played important facilitation roles in the evolution of mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Ken Wilber’s Holon Theory: Tenet 12: emergence happens with increasing differentiation&integration

For Adam Smith theory to display holonic emergence it needs to have both differentiation and integration. It has more differentiation.

Adam Smiths theory has differentiation in the form of econ. specialization.But the Invisible hand does not provide enough integration.

In an economic system facilitation processes can provide the integration part that is required for the holonic emergence in Wilbers theory.

In a gift economy needs are met not in a conditional way but in an unconditional way

@rotkapchen still thinking about how to balance between interests of indiv and the whole

Ken Wilber says as a system advances in level in should increase agency(individuality)&communion(collaborative ability)

Problem with 20th century communism is it decreased individuality when it tried to increase collaboration

Problem with 20th century capitalism is it decreased collaboration when it tried to increase individuality

The goal of open collaboration is to increase individuality as well as collaboration

The goal of an economic system is to increase both individuality and collaborative ability.

To really access our individuality we need to look beyond the ego to the soul. A well-functning social-econ system helps us access the soul.

The search is for social architectures that help peel away layers to find the soul,& that also help different souls harmonize+collaborate.

In order for an economic system to properly work it needs to guide people into a state of collective spiritual enlightenment. (!!)

A true economics needs to have a spiritual cmponent othrwse it cant help people find true individuality&cant help people truly collaborate.

How to do you increase participation in your open collaboration project? Try volunteer task lists.

Private property traditionally increases individuality, commons traditionally increases collaboration. How do you increase indiv&collab?

Does nature become more individuated and collaborative over time? It should if it obeys Ken Wilber’s holonic emergence.(see wilber tenet 12)                                              {tweeted on Jan 25th}

I think organisms have become much more synchronized,collaborative,integrated on multilevels over millions of yrs of evolution.

In nature each organism and part of organism serves multiple functions. It takes a evolution process to get multifunctional interdependence.

Corns,beans,squash grown togethr help each othr. Beans help corn grow,provide nitrogen.Squash is living mulch,prevents weeds,provides shade.

When corns,beans,squash grow together, you might say they help facilitate each other’s survival and growth.

Permaculture,& its idea of a guild is man’s rediscovery that organisms help each other out.

Wilber: a system advances in level when it increases agency&communion. Nature’s permaculture guilds help a system to advance. #permaculture

@rotkapchen Can the same set of organisms with the same DNA in certain systems collaborate, and in certain system not? I think so.

@rotkapchen If DNA didnt chnge ovr time,orgnisms cn still evlve to bcom more collabrative.(It can culturally evol. even if no genetic evol)

In evolution its not only DNA tht evolves,but also how all the diffrnt parts/organisms interrelate.The complexity of relationshps evolves.

There is a feedback mechanism between the system of organism relationships in nature and indiv. DNA evolution.

cont.. Natural selection only explains part of this feedback mechanism.

The problem with Genetically Modified Organisms and GMO foods is that they didnt undergo co-evolution process with other organisms.

GMO’s are like a foreign particle that may not be able to harmonize with the multifunctional multidimensional co-evolved organism landscape.

Our bodies are a complex synchronized self-organizing system that harmonizes over millions of years.GMO foods are not harmonized with body.

Our bodies create compounds out of normal foods that it cant with GMO foods.Self-orgnzing processes in bodies cease to become self-orgnzing.

Synthetic westrn medicines cant be created by our bodies.So our bodies become depndent on them.Thus certain self-organizing processes cease.

Synthetic western medicines and GMO foods are creating a world-wide danger to our health by throwing off our bodies self-organizing systems.

I thnk we may have huge world wide health epdemics.Maybe billion people die.From weakning of bodies thrgh synthetic western med and GMO food

Quite a large percentage of the foods we eat right now are made from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Each organ/body part is a holon(system) that is part of a larger holon(system)

Western medicine tends towards treating organs/body parts as individuated objects without understanding their collaboration with all parts

Western medicine needs to apply a bit more systems understanding to its methodology of treatment.

Wilber tenet 12: new levels in systems emerge with differentiation&integration. Western med has differentiated without enough integration.

Western medicine could learn by applying/analogizing permacultural principles to healing the body. #permaculture

Western med,westrn agriculture,capitalism,science & darwinism have all concentrated on differentation without understanding the integration

The idea of facilitation(from soc.sys) can be applied/analogized to medicine. It means to guide the body to self-organize to heal itself.

Homeopathy facilitates healing by the introduction of water messages that trigger the body to self-organize to immunize itself.

Acupressure facilitates healing by stimulation of meridian system which communicates to body how to self-organize itself.

A body cntains wthin itself the wisdom to heal itself. Simlar to how a community cntains wthin itslf wisdom of how to solve its own problems

A healer can facilitate a body to heal itself; a person can facilitate a community to heal itself.

Ancient chinese and Indian medicines often understand a lot better than Western med how to activate body’s self-organizing processes.

A town can have probs if outside corporation it overly depnds on withdraws, a body can have probs if drug it overly depnds on is withdrawn

“Resilience is the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change” Transition town:

A homeopathic way to do social good is to activate society’s ‘immune system’ to heal itself.

Stacking functions in a term in permaculture that means each element in a system performs many different functions.

In our bodies each organ,cell,hormone,particle..etc performs multiple functions.

A synthetic med. drug tries to simulate a molecule that the body needs, doing some similar functions but missing other necessary functions.

Synthetic med. drugs simulate molecules body needs,but it does som functions whlst mssing othr necssry functions.Doesnt stack functions.

cont.. The body thus can be tricked into being dependent on drugs whilst important functions are not happening.

In a town mom&pop stores perform multiple functions. They provide services and are part of social fabric. They stack functions.

Mom&pop stores by being part of social fabric& the commercial world provide an informtional channel betwn the two that coordinates a town.

Big stores like Walmart provides some functions e.g. cheap prices but not othrs because central mngement is not part of towns social fabric.

cont..Walmart thus does not provide informational channel btwn social fabric&commercial world.Informational feedback loop is mssing in sys

Ken Wilber has made a list of tenets explaining how systems evolve. It combines sys thry&spirit&subjective&objective

Wilber tenet 2a. A system(holon) self-preserves. It is autopoetic – meaning it can self-regulate & self-reproduce its own component parts. 6:00 AM Jan 27th from web

Wilber tenet 1: Each system(holon) is part of a larger system(holon)

Our towns economic systems are holons/systems) that are part of a larger holons like the global economic system :Wilber Tenet 1

Our towns are susceptible to global fluctuations.Global corporations&banks pulling out can lead to towns to struggle mightily

Our towns are not self-preserving and self-regulating.They have lost some of their autopoietic power.Thus towns not obeying Wilber tenet 2a.

If towns maintained their own agency, were autopoietic- problems with Fannie Mac,Lehman brothers etc would not have affected them as much.

A proper world economic system should be economically self-regulating and self-maintaining at all size scales.

The transition town movement is bringng back self-regulation/autonomy to smaller scales thus balancing the global systm

In transition town movement&relocalization movement resilience is the phrase used for Wilber tenet 2a(Holons have self-preservation/agency)

A holon is a thing tht is simultneosly a whole&a part.A holarchy is a system whre every subpart is itslf a whole&holon 7:53 AM Jan 27th from web

To create a global economic system that is holarchical we need to increase the holonic nature of the town’s local economic system.

A good welfare system increases,not decreases the holonic nature of those groups its helping.It can do this by facilitating their autonomy.

One thing that seems to help systems self-organize is to have autonomous parts that self-organize.(This is a property of holarchies)

The Burning Man festival has autonomous self-organizing subparts in the form of tribal camps that help the whole festival self-organize.

Linux has semi-autonomous self-organizing subparts in form of teams that work on sections of code that help the whole project self-organize.

The human body has semi-autonomous self-organizing subparts in the form of cells that help whole body self-organize.

Open Space Technology faciliation methods have autonomous subparts in the form of topical circles that allow greater whole to self-organize.

Open collaborations-which are non-hierarchical,emergent,&open-work well when there are autonomous self-organizing emergent subgroups.

Monoculture agricultural isnt composed of self-regulating subsystems. Permaculture agriculture is.Permaculture more adaptive and resilient.

Nestle discouraged 3rd world mothers from breastfeeding. They didnt want them to be self-sufficient as then there would be less milk sales.

Freemarket capitalism sometimes brags it gives people autonomy but problem is many businesses want u dependent on them & not be autonomous

It would cut into mass entertainment industry profits if groups of people entertained themselves more often ie self-organized entertainment.

Do patents hinder autonomy? People&organztions are not allowd to produce somthing thmslves unless they invented it(or they pay to be allowd)

How can businesses facilitate customer independnce from thm if its healthy?Practice(buddhist concept of)non-attachment to customer behviour.

Increasing their love of customers can facilitate businesses letting them go (avoiding marketing hooks etc) when it is healthy.

Capitalism works better when people care about each other.

When a capitalistic system practices love and nonattachment its moves up spiral dynamics levels.

Transition town Step1: Set up a steering group and design its demise from the outset.

Its good when businesses can design their own demise if they have a goal of facilitating customers to become self-reliant & autonomous.

The question is not how does Twitter monetise but how does Twitter transition to an open source model where everyone helps run it for free

If the Twitter company holds on & attaches to its own existence it doesnt allow the world to self-organize to run it.


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