Stages in community

Four nondualities of highly functioning group/community :

waste=food, need=service, play=work, you=me

Three Stages of Social System– 1.Glitch:Food becomes waste 2.Dualistic:Waste not equal food 3.Nondualistic: Waste=Food

1.Glitch:Food becomes waste:

e.g.our society throws away about 1/3 of edible food  e.g herbal/energy healings for cancer outlawed

Glitches may occur when private property/money sys makes it unprofitable for those not in charge to have autonomous solutions, and powerful blocks possible solutions.

2.Dualistic: Waste not equal food. not reused  e.g.homeless people not used to help society e.g.elderly not utilised


e.g.industrial waste turned into superfood spirulina   e.g.elderly helping orphanages   e.g.homeless fixing abandoned houses


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