What is an autocatalytic system?

An autocatalytic system is one where the members of the the system catalyse each other into existence/being/growth.

A chemical system where chemical A catalyses chemical B which catalyses chemical C which catalyses chemical A is autocatalytic, they each nned each other to come into reaction.

Recently my friend A sent out an email about a workshop. Another friend B got the email. She called me to see if I wanted to go to workshop. I said yes, and then called my friend A about it. She had forgotten the workshop was going on even though she wanted to go , but with my reminder she was now going. So none of us would have ended up going if it were not for the others. This is an example of an autocatalytic process.

Anopen collaboration can come about through/ and keep existing through an autocatalytic process.

The question then becomes what creates the conditions for autocatalytic processes to occur?


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