Expressing needs opens possibilities to give their gifts

Expressing your needs is a service to the group

Gratitude and compassion is the soil in which the gift economy grows

A gift circle holds within itself the means to satisfy many of its members needs

People can offer to help others with their needs

Gifting is an expression of your deeper nature

Gifting is an expression of the underlying we

Gifting is a joy


Expressing needs and gifts is a way of allowing people into your world

A gift circle creates possibilities for new relationships between people

A gift economy creates more community. More community creates more gift economy.

A gift circle can grow to being an autonomous, self-sufficient,
self-reliant system.

A gift circle leads to tribe – ongoing relationships working for each
other and the common good to create a self-regulating autonomous system

Your individual passion is your gift.

In a gift circle and tribe a person can explore their gifts and their
truest place in the whole.

As individuals align and the circle matures the distinction between
needs and gifts begins to blur.

One person’s need can sometimes help satisfy someone else needs.
(Thats the gift economy analogy to the permacultural concept

We are birthing the new we.

A gift circle meets regularly.

Regularity allows a circle to grow, learn, and augment its group intelligence

The gift circle is happening all the time. (People connect outside of
meetings to share services and commune)

A gift circle is self-organizing. (It often starts with clear leaders,
then transitions when the time is ripe to a non-hierarchy)

A gift circle encourages people to take initiative and participate in
helping it grow.

A gift circle is open.

Circle regulars anchor the circle culture, circle newbies bring new
needs and gifts

Diversity of people leads to diversity of needs and gifts which drives
economic flow

There are people who come to the circle regularly and those who have come once or twice.

Those who come once or twice are often still be part of the wider gift economy as they may be have made contacts at the circle that leads to ongoing gift economic services happening.

Those who come once or a twice are part of the ‘long tail’ that adds a great deal to the gift economic vortex.

Collective awareness of economic flow allows a circle to evolve its behavior

A gift circle can organize teams to help with needs

A gift circle can tap into its own intelligence to figure out new ways
of meeting its members needs

A gift circle is a a learning circle

A gift circle is made of many facilitators

A gift circle’s format can evolve.

A gift circle is emergent. Presence and deep awareness helps sacred emergence.

Deep listening to needs and gifts creates the sacred circle

The sacred circle transforms those involved

A gift circle that shifts resources to meet needs is an economic system

This sacred economic system can take a collective to higher states of

Consciousness fields coordinate economic behavior. The higher the more

Members of the gift circle form a neural network that forms the
circle’s distributed intelligence

The gift circle is a safety net.

The gift circle is an insurance policy.

The gift circle is an ecosystem

Individuals can take initiative to grow niches in the ecosystem

New lines of evolution can sprout from those niches

Gift circles differentiate to form new types of behaviors and then
integrate them

Collective needs drive formation of new specialized circles

A gift circle can help incubate the new specialized circles

Gift circles help breed faciliatators who can start new gift circles.


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