I went to an evolver (the group that puts out realitysandwich.com and evolver.net) spore meeting two weeks ago. We had talks on local currenices, the Transition Town movement and also gift circles.
Heres a link to a video of my talk on gift circles www.vimeo.com/12883085
We had an interesting variation of the gift circle where different organizations could say they wants and individuals could help out with these wants

Here is the email invite that was sent out about the event:

Greetings Bay Area Evolvers,

Local Resilience Gift Circle (Spore)


6:30pm- Doors and mingling with live acoustic guitar by Alex Jacobs
7:00pm – Intro to Evolver, grounding meditation
7:20pm – Mira Luna from BACE on “Local Resilience & Tools for the Relationship Economy”
7:40pm – Alpha Lo on Gift Circles
8:00pm – Local Resilience Gift Circle (see description below)
9:45pm – closing remarks, intention setting, conversations, personal connections, logistics
10pm – Music by Alex Jacobs, mingling

For this month’s Evolver Spore, focusing on the theme of Local Resilience, we’ll be doing a few things differently:

** Local Resilience **
For the Local Resilience theme, we’ll begin with a short introduction to the Local Resilience theme by Mira Luna (founder of the Bay Area Community Exchange and BACE Timebank), a short introduction to Gift Circles by Alpha Lo, co-editor of the Open Collaboration Encyclopedia, and founder of the Fairfax Gift Circle, which has subsequently seeded the new East Bay Gift Circle.

Mira’s talk will focus on the tools for the relationship economy (gift economies, timebanks, alt currencies), the economy that provides for everyone because we see ourselves as spiritually/materially interconnected.

So far, the following orgs are confirmed to be present at the Gift Circle: BACE, Transition Town, Bay Localize, and Shareable.net, The Hub, and Terra’s Temple. We are also inviting others! We have room for about 11 organizations to sit in the Gift Circle- by RSVP.

** What’s a Gift Circle? **
It’s almost criminally simple. A group of us gather in a circle, one person facilitates, one person takes notes, and we simply go around the circle sharing our Needs with the group, and providing space for members of the group to share their gifts that may serve to meet the Needs of other members.

At the Local Resilience Gift Circle, we’ll be following a slightly different format — we’ll have two circles, an inner circle consisting of folks who are sitting to represent their organization or group that is involved with Local Resilience in some way, and an outer circle of individuals who are just sitting as themselves (the normal Evolver event attendees, etc).

Folks in the inner circle will each have the opportunity to express a Need (of their group) and a Gift (that their group likes to offer, or brings to the community) and folks from both inner and outer circles will be able to offer their gifts in ways that may serve to support the Needs expressed by inner circle. Someone will take notes, and compile the data in an email that will be sent out afterwards.


In our globalized world, the basic survival needs of many communities are precariously out of their hands. Multinational corporations exercise near-total control over the systems that sustain and connect us, from food and clean water to energy and communication. At the same time, natural disasters such as the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile seem to be occurring with more frequency and intensity, while manmade catastrophes like the ongoing economic collapse continue to loom. As we saw with the bungled response of FEMA after Hurricane Katrina, reliance on inept government bureaucracies in times of crisis is a perilous act of faith. In a world fraught with uncertainty, an empowered and resilient local community is the best defense. How would your community react if it suddenly had to fend for itself? What are some vital tools and techniques we can implement today to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges?

In SF Bay Area, we are blessed to have a number of groups and individuals working hard to create a more Resilient Bay area. Our focus with this event is on highlighting and supporting some of these folks, as well as creating a heart-based space for networking and alliance-building.


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