autocatalytic systems and the gift circle

An autocatalytic process is a process in chemistry in which the molecules produced in the reactions are themselves catalysts for the reactions. So the process is self-sustaining. An autocatalytic reaction catalyses itself into existence. There can be a number of more complex levels as a system autocatalyses itself into greater complexity.

In a similar way a social system can be autocatalytic. Each part of it catalyses other parts to continue to do what they do.

A gift circle can be autocatalytic. As people give to others in the gift circle, it catalyses others to give. As the gift circle then grows it can bring into the formation of groups of people working together to then give to others in the circle. This can catalyse other groups to begin forming in the circle.

So for instance there could be a team of people who decide to work together to clean someone’s apartment. They could be gifting this each week. This in term could catalyse others to form a group to do something else, e.g a group could form to help get someone’s life further on track each week, this group could be formed from the combo of a healer, a coach, a psychic reader. After this happens enough the gift circle can stabilize at another level of complexity where there are now working groups in the mix.


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