Burning Man

Burning Man is this amazing festival that happens in the desert of Nevada every year. It happened last week and about 40,000 people were there in the dust, creating magical happenings, opening to wild creativty. One extraodinary thing there is that everything happens as a gift – there isnt barter or money for the large part.E.g. People will bring thousands of dollars worth of juice & wine, set up a booth, and serve everyone for free. Others will spend thousands of dollars and huge amounts of time building these art cars that they take people one rides. Or people will put together these concerts with dj’s and singers and musicians and loud sound systems and everyone can watch for free. What motivates the people at the festival to give everything away for free?

I think that is a great question. If we can figure it out, we can then replicate this in our communities, towns, and cities to create a gift economy everywhere.


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