Gift economy design : Network and cellular

There is a network part to a gift economy, and a cellular structure part to a gift economy. and are examples of gift economy networks – they work over the web of online relationships.

The gift circle is centered more locally and is about creating a cellular structure in a community where there are many relationships amongst the members.

Integating the localized gift economies with a global network gift economy will be an intersting process to watch emerge.


2 thoughts on “Gift economy design : Network and cellular

  1. Hi,
    I am Nico Vegt, and I live in new Zealand and I am a living example of a success story by virtue of getting away from a controlling family that did not appreciate me for who I am. I really identify with all of you out there that were in similar situations that were almost exactly like mine. But there is a uniqueness all it’s own in that we are fighters that have similar but different challenges. if you can get away from cultural stereotyping then I may be able to tell you my story as it is very painful journey but with a wonderful outcome.

    I am a 59 year Dutch Canadian who came to Canada in 1960 and grew up in a family of ten kids. I was number 4 from the youngest on and that was the most difficult position in the family to be as I was a (now realized codependent child and victim of that phenomena) . I am now reading a book by Melody Beattie who wrote “Codependent No More”. I am now free of most of that controlling behavior of the State above me and the need to control others as well and find it immensely freeing to get that far in my life and knowing that I came that far by searching for the very thing that alluded me for the most longest time. I like organic gardening and computers a lot.

    I would really like to be in touch with my own age group who was psych drug abused and got out of it totally detoxed after 23 years of it and am 8 years free of the social control of it. I am again I will say that I am 59 and was born 7 years after the second World War in Holland and in a large family and still speak Dutch and have grade 12 high school only and am functionally illiterate but am and feel very intelligent and will not accept anything less than that.

    I no longer accept second best for anything unless I give it away and that is very hard pressed for me to that now as I am no crash test dummy for anybody any more. is there anybody out there who can share the networking with and help me to help others and even making a buck at it , but that it being not the only motive.

    Is there anybody interest in me and my story and that want to hook up and start a networking with me ? Remember that I live in New Zealand, the country that just won the World Cup in Rugby


    Nico Vegt

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