Gift economy intellectual resources

A list of references, papers and books related to gift economies.

Mutual aid by Petr Kropotkin. About the theory of anarcho-communism which is the idea the idea of tribal based non-hierarchical self-organizing gift economies.

“The Gift” by Marcel Mauss, an anthropological look at gifting in various societies

“Economics and morality : anthropological approaches”
anthology edited by Browne and Milgram looks at gifts & commodities

“The Gift: the erotic life of property” by Lewis Hyde. About gifting, the idea of circular reciprocity, motivation behind gifting, gifting and community…

“Moral Sentiments and Material Interests: The Foundations of Cooperation in Economic Life (Economic Learning and Social Evolution) “ Anthology edited by Herbert Gintis, Samuel Bowles, Robert T. Boyd, Ernst Fehr. The introductory chapter to this anthology
comments on book.

“The bounds of reason: Game theory and the unification of the behavioral sciences” book by Herbert Gintis. Looks at how economics, sociology, anthropology, and social psychology can integrate game theory with belief systems to present a new picture of cooperation. First chapter. Discussions of book: Review 1. Review 2

“Strategic affection : gift exchange in the 17th century” book by Irma Thoen

“Human motivation and Social Cooperation” research study paper by Fehr and Gintis looking at the level of group cooperation in a public goods experiment.

The neuroeconomics of cooperation and sharing. from the Handbook of Social Capital

“Handbook of the economics of giving, altruism, and reciprocity” by Kolm and Ythier. Looks at nonaltruistic and altruistic giving

New Sharing Economy Study by Latitude Research and, looks at the trust in our society, and how the rise of online sharing affects the rise of offline sharing

How cooperation spreads in a social network“ research by political scientist James Fowler and medical sociologist Nicholas Chritstakis. “Is Sharing contagious?” speculation of what this research might have implications for

“Oxytocin Increases Generosity” by Zak, Stanton, Ahmadi, a scientific paper

Reciprical exchange in game theoretic experimental economics. A paper.

“Upstream reciprocity and the evolution of gratitude” theoretical paper by Nowak and Roch, Proceedings of the Royal Society B 2007

“Indirect reciprocity and strategic reputation building in an experimental helping game.” Engelmann, D. & Fischbacher, U. 2002, Univ. Zürich working paper no. 132.

“Gratitude and prosocial behavior”
Bartlett and Desteno, in Psychological Science 2005

“The social psychology of the gift” by Barry Shwartz, an essay and the paper its based on from The American Journal of Sociology July 1967 About how gift giving creates social identities

“Indirect reciprocity in cyclical networks” paper by Greiner, Levati

“Giving gifts to groups : how altruism depends on the size on the number of recipients” by James Andreoni, Journal of Public Economics 2007


2 thoughts on “Gift economy intellectual resources

  1. Just wanted to give a bump to Lewis Hyde’s The Gift. Definitely my favorite. It takes a chapter or two to catch on, but definitely the best read.

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