On creating a local gift economy part II

One of the challenges to jumpstarting a local economy is that it usually requires setting up a local economy program that needs buy-in from a lot of people.

This initial energetic barrier to jumpstarting an economy can be lowered if we instead start a hyper-local economy. A hyper-local economy’s small scale initiation requires less effort. We can then grow this hyper-local economy into a local economy. This is a process of gardening as compared to a process of putting in place a fully designed program.

The gift circle is a hyperlocal economy -with its sharing of resources and skills. It has a small initial energetic barrier to getting started – one only has to call a number of people together into a circle to share needs and gifts.

Over time this gift circle can increase in membership flow, birth skills shares and gift economy Really really free markets, catalyse an activated community and create new gift circles in the region ; its hyper-local economy growing into a local economy .


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