transition pittsburg and mill valley

A number of us have been saying for awhile that the gift circle is a great tool for the transition town movement. The question is how to get it to spread throughout the transition network….

There has been some progress. Its gotten attention in some transition town groups.

Transition San Francisco and Transition Harrisburg (Connecticut) have run a gift circle or two.
This last week Transition Mill Valley in Northern California ran one and is looking to make it a tool in their local economy transition. And here is a video of Kevin May of the Cultural Recyclists giving a talk about gift circles in relation to Transition Pittsburg.


3 thoughts on “transition pittsburg and mill valley

  1. Hey Alpha, I am talking with Transition Rogers Park now about how to integrate what we are doing with gift circles with what they are doing. We all agree that our goals are completely compatible. I will let you know how this progresses!!

  2. …like the definition of Transition Pittsburgh given by Kevin as a “community-led solution-based movement” given that last year I set up my own business [Community Led Solutions] to work as a community enabler to “build social capital by supporting local communities to develop end deliver sustainable community-led solutions”

    I am now working with local people – Transition Durham – developing our own Energy Descent Plan.

    I do believe that it is essential to share ideas too.

    So how about a Health and Social Care TimeBank?

    Community Food and Community Energy are both really popular here too.

    Many people are now taking up practical classes in permaculture.

    1. There can also be a health and social care gift economy. People can set up certain office hrs where people can come in and visit for free.

      Time banks are cool too. There is a distinction though between time banks and gift economies. One of them depends on exchange, the other doesnt.

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