Beauty engine

The Beauty Engine model was invented by Polly Superstar and Scott Levkoff. Its a social architecture model they used for creating community.

There are six parts to their social genome/social architecture model
1. Explore your identity – delve into your multifaceted, splendidly, unique self
2. Recognise your power – accept that you are talented, resourceful, and wise
3. Circulate your energy -lavishly dish out your gift, talents and brilliance
4. Assemble with community – get together with your tribe and bond
with your friends
5. Understand your dynamics – be crystal clear about agreements and boundaries
6. Activate your collective potential – get off your ass and make it happen

I like the model. The gift circle is especially good at doing numbers 3 and 4 in this list, and helps with 1 and 2 on this list.

I think it would be good to combine the gift circle with processes that help you find your powers and identity, and also with agreement processes for creating community.


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