Occupy as open collaboration

Occupy is an example of a relatively non-hierarchical, non-owned, bottom-up, self-organizing, replicating movement. The movement is open-sourced. Here is a great article on this.

Its also intriguing for its plurality of intents. Its not for instance a Civil Rights or Socialist  or Christian Moral Majority movement which has very specific demands. It holds within it a plurality of ideologies, demands, and worldviews.

This could mean it is an amorphous mess, or it could mean that it is a more mature movement in its ability to hold a diversity of worldviews and facilitate dialogue with them. At the moment is a bit of both. At the level of amorphous mess a movement would more on the red level  the spiral dynamics scale. This ability to hold multiple viewpoints can move through blue, orange, green, levels of integration until at yellow there is a genuine ability of the movement to be respectful of all the different views within the movement, be able to dialogue fruitfully with the different views whilst also realizing not all views are equal.

Open collaboration and open sourced movements can be at various levels on the spiral dyanmics scale.

Some of the things that can happen to bring Occupy up levels in the spiral dynamics scale  is to bring in different facilitated models of discussion into the system. So Deep democracy, Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Dynamic Facilitation, Appreciative Inquiry, NonViolent Communication, Sharing Circles, Heart Circles, Gift Circles, Inquiry Dialogue, Bohmian Dialogue are some examples. At the moment the main method of doing things at the Occupy is the consensus-based general assembly which can go around and around in its discussion. This consensus-based level can be mired in spiral dynamics green needs to have every viewpoint be equal.


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