Where Occupy is headed

Theres some interesting things the editor of  Adbusters ( Adbusters was the magazine that initially catalysed  Occupy Wall St on Sept 17)  has to say about the Occupy movement. Here is the interview in which he says

“Originally we thought that the idea of one demand was very important. There’s been a debate going on between the one-demand vision and this other vision that is playing itself out right now on Wall Street. I think it’s a wonderful debate and there are good pointers on both sides. Currently this leaderless, demandless movement — that is still growing in leaps and bounds — I think it is fine the way it is.”

and then goes on to suggest some kind of new kind of activist model may be forming

” I have a feeling that because of the Internet and a different kind of mentality that young people have, a horizontal way of thinking about things, this movement may not just come up with some really good demands and put incredible people pressure on our politicians, but a more beautiful thing may come out of this movement: a new model of democracy, a new model of how activism can work, of how the people can have a radical democracy and have some of their demands met. This new model may well be a new kind of a horizontal thing that in some strange way works like the Internet works.”

I agree that an intriguing model of activism that will come out of this. There is a way in which the multiple perspectives being held in the movement coupled with the way the different Occupy nodes network with each other and with society, that will create an organism that can birth changes in a different way.


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