Organizing and facilitation methodologies at Occupy

Here are some intriguing articles and videos about the organizing process at Occupy, the General Assemblies, the committees, facilitation techniques, the history of how these organizing methodolgies came to be… It looks at how it is empowering and also the problems and snags the processes run into.


Consensus( direct democracy at Occupy Wall St) 

The demand is the process

OccupySF We speak in stack

Occupy Atlanta  – a longer in depth look at assembly process


How upyto Occupy from

Dispatches from Occupy about facilitation processes by Mark Read in Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

Experiences at Occupy  in n+1 Occupy gazette

Emergent Leadership and facilitation   by Sharif Abdullah

Problems with General Assembly process by Phamb Binh

Conflicts amongst Occupiers by Craig Kannaley in Huffingtonpost 

Direction Action group   by Karen McVeigh in UK Guardian newspaper

Discussions between neighbourhood groups and Occupy in the Gothamist

David Haack “How Occupy won me over”

How to cook a Pacific Revolution – notes from the Spanish movement that influenced Occupy

Academic history of how General Assembly came to Occupy by Dan Berrett in “The Chronicle – of higher education”

Why Occupy worked when other open-source protests didn’t by Micah Sifry at techPresident

Occupy LA’s dilemma  in LA Weekly

Notes on what it is like to be part of discussion processes  Occupy Missoula & Occupy San Diego on Open Space Technology listserv

Organizing Occupy San Luis Obispo

Experiences in GA,committees,consensus at Anarchy101

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