The protest can morph into solution to thing being protested

What if you organized a protest to challenge a system and the organizational process of the protest was the solution to the system it was protesting? That delicious self-referential quality could be unfolding at Occupy. What if the self-organizational gift-economy way of village creation at Occupy nodes is the solution itself to how we run the world? What if Occupy is itself the new operational system of the world? Many people in the media still see Occupy as only a protest movement. But it is a lot more than that. It is also beginning to model the society it wants to create. There’s still a ways to go, and some significant shifts it needs to undergo to do it, but progress is being made. Already Occupy is coordinating different sectors of the town they are in to understand each other better, and to help each other. Occupy nodes could become the hubs for the cities they are in, to further this self-organizational gift economy process. The protest is the solution.


2 thoughts on “The protest can morph into solution to thing being protested

  1. Definitely. This point should be emphasized. We need to create a new world and let the old ways wither and crumble. I think a major key is the recognition and implementation of a resource-based type economy — a gift economy. It could be implemented by creating a database of resources available and resources requested. Humans need to get over money, albeit, wake-up from money, and learn to do things through cooperation and teamwork rather than through money. The whole universe works without money. Only a humanity steeped in the low-level egoic consciousness of separation demands money. Humanity may be finally waking up from that. Many decades ago, “We are One” was often proclaimed. We need to bring that thought to the foreground once again today.

  2. Prefigurative Politics: modes of organization and social relationships that strive to reflect the future society being sought by the group. The desire is to “be the change we want to see in the world” as Gandhi wrote.

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