On justice in non-hierarchical groups

If someone does harm to someone in a group that uses consensus based decision model, how is justice meted out? For in a consensus model the offender also has an equal say in things, and they can block any punishment.

The solution is to go beyond a punitive justice system to a restorative justice system. In a restorative system people victim and offender come together in a facilitated process, where awareness is brought on the hurt that has happened, where the offender has a chance to make amends for what they have done, and where space is created for forgiveness to happen. So there is  a shift from dialogue to heal, as opposed to decisions about punishment. A good example of restorative justice is the restorative circles that Dominic Barter started. www.restorativecircles.com

Looked at through the lens of Ken Wilbers Integral four quadrant model, a punitive justice system creates a duality between victim and offender in the  lower right quadrant which is about the external system one is in. And  the relationship between the victim and the offender is not healed in the lower left quadrant which is about the intersubjective space. A restorative justice is about undoing the duality between victim and offender in the lower right quadrant, and about bringing about a healing relationship between victim and offender in the lower left quadrant.

In Integral Theory as you move up developmental levels, as you move to a higher holon, you decenter from the a worldview and see something from a more detached point of view. Restorative justice happens at a higher developmental level than punitive justice, and in it people develop the ability to decenter from seeing things either through a victim or offender lens, and see to a place beyond that where the duality can be healed.


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