Experimental anthropology

We have the ability to create and make up the underlying rules, customs, agreements, expectation fields, mannerisms, communication methodologies and live them out experimentally for an hour, a day, a week, a month….

In doing so we test drive new cultures, and see how they evolve, and how well they work. We can analyze these socioeconopolitcalcultural microcosms with anthropological techniques.

If any of these cultures seem quite a healthy, we can seed them into the larger society.


I would like to propose a new field called experimental anthropology. Anthropology as it is now studies existing or past cultures. Experimental anthropology would experiment with creating new cultures – they can play with a lot of new rules that have not yet existed in human history. Experimental anthropology would then examine and research these new cultures, understanding what makes them tic, and what does not work in them.


2 thoughts on “Experimental anthropology

  1. It is something we do on a small scale on a daily basis. However most of the time we are not consciously trying to lay out with our peers about what kind of rules we want to use. And most of the time they are not going deep into reinventing our cultural codes.
    Experimental anthropology creates an intentional space where people consciously work to try and live out new cultural rules. And then it links up with a global network to more rapidly spread these memes.
    Cultural evolution is happening anyway with our daily actions. What experimental anthropology does is speed up the rate of cultural evolution, and points it in a direction that can be helpful for humanity

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