On being, doing, and having in economics

Our economic system measures itself by how much people have, and what how much services are happening. What it doesn’t measure itself by is the state of beingness of the people in it – how connected they are with their deeper self, what states of consciousness they are in.

A true economic theory will take into this beingness, for when we are disconnected from it we act, and do from a place that may lead to actions that are not so helpful for the world. Our current economic system measures a lot of value in jobs that do harm to our communities and our environment.

How can we write an economic theory look when it takes into account beingness?

I dont really know yet, but here are some possible ideas of things that could make up the theory

– the economic equations can take into the developmental stages and different states of consciousness of where people are. Different equations would result for different stages and states
– the economic equations would show more dualistic behavior when the populace is less connected to the deeper self, and move to more non-dual behavior as people become connected to their deeper selves, and to each other.


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