The intersection of empathic communication and economics

Economics is about how a social system matches needs and gifts.

An information system is required to pass the information about what is needed to the person who is able to help with that need. One of our information systems can be communicative practices.

The quality of the communicative practice can affect how well needs and gifts match up in a small localized system. How well we empathically communicate our needs and gifts affects whether the gift is given. Where there is a lot more love, gifts are more likely to be given. Thats why communication practices like Non-Violent Communication (NVC) can have quite an impact on the hyper-micro-economy. NVC creates a field of mutual understanding where needs are both made more explicit, and are more likely to met. So for instance how well we ask for a ride, or help babysitting affects whether that help is given.

NVC as it is now practiced generally happens in pairs or small groups. For NVC to be a communication system that can provide a basis for a more macro-gift-economic system, we need to find a way to generalize NVC so that the populace can find a way to hear about each others needs and gifts in a compassionate way, and in a way where they are more likely to help people they might not know. We need to create a social architecture where people are more willing to give. So for instance in a generalized NVC social system when someone expresses a need for carpentery there would be a compassionate listening to that need, and in that compassionate listening someone may come forth to help.

The gift circle provides a compassionate space for listening and economic flow on local community level. Its possible that generalizing the gift circle alongside generalizing NVC will provide a macro-economic solution.


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