SYNTHESIZE : open-sourcing the coming together of humanity

How to create a virally social movement that brings together the world


1. Bring together people of different worldviews, different demographics, different political views on an issue of interest, or conflict. These can be food issues, neighbourhood violence issues, economic issues, governance issues, cultural difference issues, race issues, etc..

2. Use a facilitated method like Non-violent Communication, Dynamic Facilitation, Bohmian Dialogue, Deep Democracy, Insight Dialogue, or any of the methods coming out of the Synthesize movement to bring people together

3. Blog about the results of this facilitated dialogue as part of the Synthesize movement. Write about if for a magazine.

4. Connect with others in the Synthesize movement. Share info with others who do a Synthesize circle. Also once people start Synthesizing and posting their results we can search on the internet for who has blogged/written about Synthesize and reach out to them through social networks and other means.

5. Share best practices with other Synthesizers for bringing different worldviews together. The techniques for facilitating these discussions will evolve. Connect with organizations like Search for Common Ground, United Religions Initiative which work at bringing different groups together.

6. Spread the Synthesize movement thru email (you can copy this note and forward it to your friends), word of mouth, events etc… Help others lead a Synthesize event

7. Repeat these steps

The viral spreading of Synthesize can happen in the same way Occupy, Transition Towns, United Religions Initiative, Food not Bombs etc spread, through people self-organizing locally within the context of a non-hierarchical, leadersless global network.


* This is an open-source document which is non-copyrighted and non-owned. It is evolving and emergent, feel free to replicate, iterate and improve without attribution.

3 thoughts on “SYNTHESIZE : open-sourcing the coming together of humanity

  1. Reblogged this on ozonefarm and commented:
    I’m a Christian Communist. I believe the Second Coming of Christ is the coming together of everyone who is meek enough to be open. That’s a pretty strange view to some, but it’s the simplest way to put it. Jesus is the Ultimate Celebrity. Everyone will know it’s Him.

  2. Parallel action: create a knowledgebase which simulates current and proposed sustainable economies at an eco-region scale, and use it to hold the space of what is and what can be, within which people can Synthesize skillfully.

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