Conflict is an illusion

There is an extraordinary truth that if we fully embrace, would revolutionize the world – “Conflict is an illusion” . As humans began to realize and experience this truth it can take humanity into higher states of consciousness, cooperation, synergy, and health.

This concept might seem ridiculous at first to some – aren’t people constantly getting into arguments in communities and organizations, and are not there conflicts between people of different ethnicities, demographics, organizational affiliations?

Yes, but the concept “conflict is an illusion” is that each conflict can be reperceived as not really being a conflict. In Non-Violent Communication (NVC), arguments can be shifted by allowing people to express their needs and emotions in a way it is about them instead of the other, and by allowing people to really hear each other. When this process happens, and it can be quite an extraordinary process as, heated emotions can shift, and what was initially thought of as a conflict is reframed into something that is about individual needs.

Its possible that all the world’s conflicts from gang wars to Arab-Israeli conflicts, from racial tensions to political battles may be reperceived and experienced by its participants as no longer being conflicts when they go through certain empathic communication methodologies (like NVC) or facilitation techniques.

Part of the challenge will be figuring out how to generalize these communication and facilitation techniques to larger socio-economic-political-justice spheres.

One of the roles of government is to help deal with conflict, help manage different parties within a land to work together. This is traditionally done in a top-down manner. In a facilitation and empathic communication based political system – which would be fundamentally different than any of our current ‘democratic’ systems, or any of our past heirarchic communistic systems – different parties would be facilitated, or use empathic communication to work out differences amongst themselves. If done well, they will come to the realization that their conflict is an illusion, and connect on a fundamental level as human beings, able to co-create the future synergistically.

Traditionally in Western cultures when a person breaks the law we use a legal and penal system to ‘protect’ the people. There is however, another way to run our justice system, and that is through restorative justice, where people are brought together to understand, empathise, forgive each other – allowing harmony to restored in the community and social system. This can be done in a way that transcends the duality of victim and offender. It can be done in fact in a way where people realize there was no conflict in the first place, only people experiencing events and reacting to them. Now in a Newtonian world of particles, there is also no conflict, only particles interacting with each. This is however so much more, restorative justice can help reveal a rich connected world full of empathy and love, where we begin to see how the beliefs we so strongly cling to condition our minds to see the world in a way that misses what is truly happening, instead seeing a more surface based conflict.

When we can generalize these facilitation and empathic communication techniques to the larger socio-econo-political-justice spheres we can help move humanity into a kind of global enlightenment.


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