On offering your work as gift/donation

How does one go about offering one’s services – healing work, handywork, workshops, editing help etc… in a giftdonation manner so that one can also make a living for oneself? Is it possible to offer ones products – books, hand-made jewelry, food, in a giftdonation manner. By gift donation I mean that one offers ones service/product whilst being open to receiving a gift of monetary flow back.

The key I think is to facilitate the process of the gifting back so that it done in a more sacred manner. So for instance in a workshop one can invite people to go into silent meditation about what feels energetically right to give based on ones income, what one has received, and how much one wants to support the work of the one giving the service or product (I just got back from a wonderfully amazing 5 day workshop where at the end the participants will invited into such a process. It felt very sacred.)

The gift back is a chance for the receiver/client to  express their gratitude. Creating the space for that is of benefit for everyone.




2 thoughts on “On offering your work as gift/donation

  1. The pay it forward way. Once I was offered a book by an author to read for free. I felt ashamed somehow to read it and not to pay to him. He said: just do something as a sign of thankfulness: give it further, plant a tree, help someone…
    To cut the long story, I did and I hosted the author in my home and managed to help him once in a small but significant way for him. It works I think, especially if it the contacts get personal.

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