Society as emergent system with inner and outer forms

I’ve been thinking about some simplified models of society where our social system is  modeled as a complex dynamical system where the parts (humans ) interact to emerge collective behavior. The inner space of these humans can be modeled as being at various levels of moral development e.g. the six levels of Kohlbergs moral developmental line. Different economic and political systems will work differently depending on the distribution of moral development of the populace. The economic and political systems will also exert certain moral pressures, as people of different moral persuasions will fare differently in each system. The systems will thus have attractor states they tend to. These attractor states are the emergent behavior of the collective.

We can examine the different attractor states of different economic systems and political systems to then determine which are the best systems when people are of a certain moral level.


3 thoughts on “Society as emergent system with inner and outer forms

  1. this resonates strongly with what i called “psycho-social” dynamic

    this meant the entire field of psycho-social space globally
    and while writing WISDOM
    i came to realise the very clear distinction between
    the model of the world which informs our behaviour daily
    eg how to use money etc
    and the actual global social dynamic
    eg “banks” as they are actually operating today due to collective behaviour

    i think we are caught within psycho-social hidden attractor
    which makes it difficult to shift to another complex orbit

    i look forward to how you expand on your conceptual application of “attractor states”

    and i’d like a button here to press
    which would mean i send you 10p 🙂

  2. Hi David,
    thanks for your comment.
    Yes I feel like we are caught in certain types of psycho-social attractors which doesnt gel with the collective moral level of development we are. How can we shift? I think the answer lies in understanding how many of the different types of and sizes of economic systems interrelate, which is a complex question. And in understanding how new more morally appealing attractor states can grow into being through things like viral self-replication of sharing-collaborative based economies.

    1. i agree
      viral self-replication
      i translate as
      financial protocols which can be adopted by anyone
      and sharing-collaboration based economy
      with commons or open-source or family-member sharing

      i am not too keen on waiting for understanding
      having been a math teacher
      i saw it was better to approach understanding through being able to do
      my solutions are based on people trying out new financial protocols
      and seeing what the result is —
      experiential learning in the social sphere!

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