Facilitator Improv

Heres a process called Facilitator Improv.

Find a couple of people to sit in a circle. Go into meditation until one person gets a hit on a facilitated process (that can last for a pre-determined time e.g. 10 min) to guide everyone in. Then after that process go into silence again, until someone else gets a hit on what would be a good facilitated process for the group. The process can be somatic, emotional, spiritual, mental. Examples of what you can lead – yoga, co-coaching process, massage, chanting, non-violent communication process, world cafe process, eye-gazing. The idea is for the group to co-pilot themselves into deeper and deeper spaces, sensing what kind of modality would help them get to these liminal spaces.

I came up with this process, when I first felt the magic of how facilitation could guide a group into magical spaces. Usually though its one facilitator that guides the group. I wondered what it would be like to allow everyone to guide the group into deeper spaces. And for spirit to guide where the group goes. The result was Facilitator Improv, and we have had some really amazing experiences with it.


One thought on “Facilitator Improv

  1. Thank you, this is lovely!

    Reminds me of a connection I’ve thought about before, about a flock of geese… there is always one in front, to break the wind… and yet it is always a different one, as they take turns…

    It can also be deep fun to do this kind of “facilitator rotation” within a single process that is taking us deeper and deeper… for example when we do DF workshops, people take turns being in the facilitator role… whenever someone starts to feels like they want to dive into being a participant so that they can be a “passionate advocate” about something, instead of being on the “taking all sides” role of the facilitator, they can pass the pen to someone else…

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