The unheralded power of facilitation to change the world

The key to creating vast social change is to tap into the collective and collaborative potential of humanity. A key to unleashing the collective and collaborative potential of humanity is facilitation. Facilitation can shift a group, community, organization that does not empathize, understand, or work well with each other into states where they do. It can shift the foundational matrix with which we interact with each other. Facilitation thus holds the potential to rewrite our community, societal, economic, and political codes.

I seldom hear facilitation being talked about as a key ingredient in creating social change. It is such a subtle art that its extraordinary importance is often overlooked. Good facilitation provides a space where inner transformation can happen, where a deeper reality can reveal itself, where conflict can melt into empathic understanding, and where new social possibilities arise out of peoples’ energetic connection with each other. This space is such a yin thing that we may not notice it, even when it is crucial factor in determining whether a social movement succeeds or not.

I say if you want to change the world go learn some facilitation techniques like Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe, Heart Circles, Non-Violent Communication, Insight Dialogue, Dynamic Facilitation, Facilitator Improv, Gift Circles, Future search, Theory U, Wisdom Councils, Acceptance Circles etc. And then go experiment in applying it in creative ways in different social realms. These experiments will help template humanity for a new era, a new era that is more empathic and cooperative.

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