Open Collaboration

Open collaboration is about involving everyone in the process. Its a way that can be applied to how we do projects, how we create social change. 

Open collaboration is:

nonhierarchical (vs hierarchical)
open (vs closed)
emergent (vs planned)
nonowned (vs owned)
participatory (vs watching)

Examples of open collaboration : 
Wikipedia (vs traditional encyclopedia)
Burning Man, (vs hierarchically organized festivals)
Open source software (vs Microsoft).

How to build an open colllaboration project:

A. Create a structure that allows for participation
B. Help individual passions flower
C. Rapidly prototype, get immediate yields
D. Use your own outputs
E. Iterate, swing in people like a whirlpool with each iteration
F. Open feedback loops
G. Connect people with each other, create social networks, have
multiple informational channels open, have honeybees who
crosspollinate different sectors and groups
H. Listen to each other, empathise with each others needs and emotions
I. Play multiple roles
J. Anticipate each other
K. Find interesting problems and projects
L. Remix, build on projects and ideas of other people
M. Enable diversity
N. Have facilitation processes for disagreements, synthesis and group creativity
O. Allow individual autonomy
P. Create autonomous guilds/groups of participants who support each other
Q. Create gradations for involvement
R. Have sandboxes where people can experiment in
S. Incubate people and groups who can start off new centers of the project
T. Listen to what the collective field is asking to emerge
U. Have processes that allow people to paradigm shift when emergence happens
V. Be in alignment with natural earth flow of materials
W. Be in alignment with people’s health and consciousness


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