Democracy I and Democracy II

Democracy I is where people argue and try to persuade people to follow their views. People fall into different camps. The camps then go to intellectual and emotional ‘battle’ against each other. Then the people vote.

Democracy II is where people listen emphatically to the needs and views of each other, find common ground, and seek solutions that work for all. Then the people vote.

authors note: After I posted this, I thought Democracy I could be called Divisional Democracy. Divisional II could be called Integrative Democracy.


2 thoughts on “Democracy I and Democracy II

  1. I find that democracy 2 is where I’m drawn to. It works for justice and it works for healing as well, I see them both nessesary.
    Full participation and deliberation creates highly intelligent responses as well as creating abundance.

  2. I’m a student of Political Economy, and I have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past fifteen minutes I’ve spent on this blog. Also, Democracy I (your Divisional Democracy) sounds a lot like a procedural democracy, whereas Democracy II (your Integrative Democracy) reminds me of the ideal substantive democracy.

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