How to launch viral social cause awareness campaign

1. Create structure that allows for individual participation

2. Use a platform that makes participation visible.

3. Create structure that allows for peer to peer (p2p) participation

4. Coach and hand-hold people (one-on-one) to guide them to participate

5. At a critical mass of participants, and enough energy around peer to peer participation the campaign takes on a life of it own, self-organizing, and going viral.


As an example lets say the idea is to get people to help the homeless by offering the homeless money in return for helping with chores or tasks.

1. The structure for individual participation is that everyone can participate in this by offering money for work.

2. Create a platform where people can share how they did this. So for instance start a facebook group where people can post stories and pics of what they did. Or create a youtube channel where people can film the interaction with the homeless (with the homeless person’s permission). Or create a catchy twitter hashtag like #hiringhomeless for people involved in the project to use.

3. There are levels of p2p (peer-to-peer) interaction. A low level one would be if people retweet each others #hiringhomeless tweet.

A higher level of p2p interaction would be if the campaign could also ask people to partner up with others, to put together their money for a weeks worth of jobs. When people ask others to help them then there is p2p participation.

p2p participation means that the campaign is being spread by the people themselves, the word does not have to come from you the originator of the campaign.

4. Initially one may have to hand-hold and coax people one-on-one to offer homeless money in exchange for chores/work, and then to post to social media about it. One may even writeup the story for them, or help them film it. If the idea is to have people work in groups to help the homeless, for that to come to fruition may require a lot of help from you.

5. Its ok to spend a bit of time coaching people a bit of time at first. It may seem like a large investment. You may have to coach 10 or 15 people to do this. But when you get enough people involved in the project, and they are sharing it with others, the project will start taking off on its own, and you wont have to spend much time at all with people to get them involved


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