Participatory Commons

Here’s the idea for a Participatory Commons. Everyone contributes hours of their time, or some other service/property into a commons pool. Then you have access to services/property of the commons.

So eg. people with services to offer like massage, editing, mechanic help, cleaning can set aside office hours, or a number of hours each week when their services are free for those participating in the Participatory Commons. You can also offer space for workshops or for crashing at as part of your contribution to the commons. And if people in the commons agree, you can also spend your time on activism causes or community building activities. In addition those who are sick or disabled may be granted access to the commons without having to give as much, or any.

So what we have is a commons where many services/stuff are available to those who contribute.

(* This kind of commons is not strictly a pure gift economy, as you do have to give to it, but the giving does not have to be closely tracked, and there can be a lot of variance in the amount given. The giving is more a sign of goodwill and intention, as in I want to part of the collective)


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