Listening to each other on Wikipedia

On wikipedia people with different opinions on topics : climate change, economics, political systems, spirituality, homeopathy, vaccines, esp etc come together to write an article together. This is quite extraordinary, writing an article with people you may strongly disagree with. And this can lead to wild edit wars on wikipedia.

Now what if there was a facilitation system that helped guide people on different sides of an article, to learn to listen to each other, empathize with one another, some kind of wisdom council. Using processes like wisdom councils, nonviolent communication, win-win techniques, etc to connect.

Could this process, if done again and again over hundreds of thousands of topics, lead humanity to listen to each other over a wide diversity of topics? Could this process if done well, help increase empathy on earth?

One thought on “Listening to each other on Wikipedia

  1. Yes! And I believe it so much that I’m building it. I especially agree with your insight that we should looking at the proven practices of what works in face to face discussion structures like you mention, and translate those into online experience. And you talk about if it could be done well. In designing something like this, we need to try it, measure how it works, collect feedback, make changes, try again, and keep iterating until it works so well that humanity unites and makes the world awesome.

    What I’m working on now, is to engage 500 people (10 from each state) in deliberation of a question like: What one thing should we get together and fix first to move this country in the right direction. It’s structured to ideally lead the group to convergence on a single answer they all would support. You can read the details here: – and I am very interested suggestions and critical discussion about the structure. It’s based on a conversation cafe structure and a qsort tool. I’m not pushing a particular structure – I’m seek to figuring out what works.

    BTW I really appreciated the “list of awesome Social Architectures” – it’s so valuable to have the short summary of all these.

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