How to integrate the social justice movement with the environmental movement

How can we integrate the social justice movement with the environmental movement?

One of the primary causes of environmental destruction is that our economic system is built on producing more stuff. People’s livelihoods depend on jobs that are based on producing stuff. Half the world’s monetary wealth is based on pumping money into stocks, which are often for companies making money from producing more stuff. Money is created by banks loaning out money which means more money than exists in system needs to be paid back. And the only way this can work is if more there is more monetized economic activity. There is a growth imperative driving economic activity.

So the solution to ever increasing growth is to shift to a community centric commons. To shift ourselves partly out from the capitalistic system and more into a self organing community that shares resources. We move out of the exponentially increasing monetization cycle. Childcare, eldercare, sickcare, cooked meals moves back into the commons. Tools, toys, books, rides are shared cutting down on resources used. Communities can band together, and at times with the help of local government and foundations buy up land for community land trusts so rent can be kept low, and lessening the amount of money flowing into the real estate machine.

The feminist movement relevant to the environmental movement would then be to help men especially , and women also , to learn to relate, to care for each other. It would involve bringing an adult , man or woman, from each household back into being more involved with the domestic life during the day, where they can spend time with family and grow neighborhood connections during the day. This domestic, neighborhood centric emphasis helps shift the economic system into the nonmonetized community commons

The racial justice movements can be about learning from minorities how to build community and live richly outside moneyed systems. For instance in the USA it can be about learning from the Hispanic populace how they build these rich family and community networks that support each other even with little money.

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