Alpha is a social architect who has been experimenting with different types of social, cultural, economic, and political systems. He is particularly interested in emergent, participatory, non-hierarchical, open, gift culture systems. He is interested in the how systems theory, higher consciousness and facilitation techniques intersect in these systems, and was a physics graduate student at University of Chicago. He is  co-author of “Open Collaboration” (www.pioneerimprints.com) which is about such systems. He has organized gatherings where the participants themselves become the organizers of the gatherings.

There are number of major intertwined themes in this blog.
(i) open collaboration
(ii) follow the progress and evolution of a gift circle  we started in our local community.
(iii) following the growth of the Facilitator Improv methodology birthed here
(iv) empathic communication
(v) new social design inventions
(vi) local&alternative economics
(vii) bottom-up organizational models

A video on our gift circle

Another video on the gift circle idea http://www.vimeo.com/12883085

Alpha has helped put together “The gift circle book

He is co-editor and co-author of “The Open Collaboration Encyclopedia”

To reach me type alplo followed by @ followed by yahoo.com

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Just wanted to say that I purchased the Open Collaboration Encyclopedia! – amazing book.

    I am a co founder of http://openkollab.com. This is an open space where we are driving various open collaboration related projects. You can join the listserv at: http://groups.google.com/group/openkollab/

    You might also want to check out a couple of presentations that describe what we are working on:

    OpenKollab: http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dc4gbgsj_1035dhrdb2d7

    OpmnKollab Pooled Fund:http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dc4gbgsj_1151f4834gck

  2. Wow! Alpha, thank you for offering this vision to the world. Thank you also for taking my call yesterday. Watching the video helped me to further refine my idea about how to do this gift circle next month. I am still nervous about facilitating the circle and would love your support but am feeling more confidence in going in this direction overall after watching the video and reading more of your blog. Thanks again for holding the space for this concept to evolve!

  3. Hey Alpha, much gratitude for your work here. I was quite inspired by participating in my first gift circle in Pittsburgh awhile back and have been in the process of deepening my inquiry into many of the topics and processes you have developed here: the gift economy, inclusive facilitation, self-organization and collective intelligence in social systems, threshold effects and social value systems, etc.

    I’m currently doing an MA in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College in the UK and have brought some of these processes to Occupy London over the last couple months, as well as to the learning community here at Schumacher. I’d love to connect more with you at some point as my exploration of these processes and dynamics continue to evolve.


  4. great concept a bit hippy camp in the beginning nonetheless I would love to see this happen on a practical level in my community. think i will go buy eggs from my neighbor.

  5. Hey alpha,
    really some interesting thoughts in this blog…
    i am working on a project right now which is all about open collaboration 6 its implementation to society as a whole, but i still did not find the right channels and tools for online open collaboration on it…
    i would really appreciate it, if you look into the project. and if it is interesting for you, it would really nice if you could help me with opening it up for open collaboration.


    the project is here:

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